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Energy efficient heat pump solutions

Ecotherm supplies renewable heating and cooling equipment to installers, architects and developers across Australia.

We distribute the industry leading range of Ecoforest ground source, air source and aerothermal heat pumps to the Australian market. 

Ecoforest Products

Ecoforest produce the most advanced and energy efficient heat pumps in the world. Compact and economical, they have inbuilt features that eliminate the need for additional controls and equipment.

Benefits of Ecoforest heat pumps

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Ecoforest heat pumps take free, renewable energy from the ground or air to heat or cool a home using less electricity than alternative methods

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Energy Savings

Save up to 50% on your energy bills with Ecoforest's efficiencies and control strategies. They can be integrated with solar PV for further savings.

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Less Maintenance

Our heat pumps last longer as they have fewer mechanical components and are easier to service.

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Easy to Use

Simple to install, compact and programmed via a user friendly control panel with remote access.

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Become an Ecoforest advocate

We are looking for installers, architects and planners who are passionate about renewable energy to join our network.

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