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Ecoforest air source heat pumps extract energy from the air using the most advanced technology to ensure optimum performance & savings.

The new range of heat pumps with natural refrigerant are more efficient and can produce hot water at temperatures above 70°C. The natural refrigerant also has a minimal greenhouse effect (GWP 3).



Heat Pump ecoAIR+ EVI Monobloc

Air source heat pump with EVI technology. High power and high performance, even when outside temperatures are extreme.

  • Heating, cooling, domestic hot water (through external cylinder) & pool production

  • Unique system with flash tank

  • Solar PV integration & management

  • Remotely controlled through My Ecoforest

  • Single phase (230V) and three phase (400V) power supply.

  • Modulating speed fan

4-20 kW

  • Where is a ground source heat pump used?
    ecoGEO+ heat pumps can be used in a variety of applications from a small home to a large commercial project. The power output ranges from 1kW to 100kW with the ability to cascade up to 3 units (66kW capacity) in the domestic range and 6 units with the High Power range (up to 600kW capacity).
  • What water temperature does an ecoGEO+ heat pump produce?
    ecoGEO heat pumps deliver water up to 60°C for heating services and up to 70°C through HTR for domestic hot water and/or pool heating when the heat pump is running. The new PRO range with natural refrigerant can deliver 70°C through its production/heating service.
  • Can an ecoGEO+ heat pump deliver different water temperatures simultaneously?
    Up to four heating or cooling services can be managed at once – fan coil units (50°C), radiators (60°C), underfloor heating (35°C) and pool heating (40°C). If the system also delivers domestic hot water, this works through HTR (waste heat recovery) while the machine is running if needed. The ecoGEO heat pumps also have a reversing valve to deliver active cooling down to 7°C.
  • Is a buffer tank required with all installations?
    A buffer tank is not always required as you can directly connect to the heat pump. There are some applications where a buffer tank is recommended.
  • Is it possible to heat your pool or spa?
    Pool/spa heating can be delivered with an ecoGEO+ heat pump via HTR (heat recovery) or the production service. This is normally done through a titanium plate heat exchanger.
  • What is HTR technology?
    HTR refers to heat recovery which means that while the heat pump is running it can deliver domestic hot water and/or pool heating from waste heat produced.
  • Do I need a ground loop with the ecoGEO+ heat pump?
    There are three options to connect to an ecoGEO+ heat pump. A full geothermal system (ground or pond loop), aerothermal (with AU unit) or hybrid solution (combination of ground loop and aerothermal).

Heat pump ecoAIR+ PRO

With natural refrigerant R290.

Produces hot water temperatures above 70°C.

  • Up to 400% efficiency

  • Heating, cooling, domestic hot water, pool heating

  • Solar PV integration & management

  • Remotely controlled through My Ecoforest

  • Renewable and clean energy

  • Low CO2 emissions

  • Compact installation

  • Single and three phase power supply

1-7 kW | 1-9 kW | 3-12 kW | 3-18 kW


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