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Q. Do the EcoForest products offer heating & cooling solutions?

Yes they offer solutions for both heating and cooling. The EcoAIR and EcoGEO ranges have a reversing valve to offer active cooling down to 7 degrees celsius

Q. Can EcoForest do domestic hotwater?

Yes with EcoAIR via a three-way valve or hydraulic module. Hot water is available with the EcoGEO heat pump using the waste heat technology (HTR)

Q. Do you need a buffer tank?

Not always, you can directly connect from the heat pump but there are recommended times and installations to halve efficiencies when using a buffer tank 

Q. What is the maximum power range of a single phase system

You can cascade up to 3 x 5

 22kW EcoGEO heat pumps of single phase power supply to get the maximum output of 66 kW. 

Q. Can you heat pools?

You can heat pools to your desired temperature. The EcoAIR Pro delivers temperatures of up to 70 degrees and EcoGEO plus from 62 - 70 degrees celsius  

Q. Can EcoForest do similtaneous heating & cooling 

Yes but only the EcoGEO range 

Q. Can you use third party controls

Yes, either dry contact or backnetkrs48kns is available

Q. Can EcoForest deliver 60 or 65 degrees celsius

Simple to install, compact and programmed via a user friendly control panel with remote access.

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